Did You Know?

24.5 million women are diagnosed with arthritis by doctors.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief Solutions

Rheumatoid arthritis is a wide-spread chronic disease which is distinguished by inflammation in joints, characterised by pain, swelling, stiffness and some times loss of function. This disease takes place under the condition when the immune system of a person attacked its own groups of cells or tissues which make up the joints.

Due to this, the defensive cartilage, a firm rubber-like tissue cushioning the bones at joints, of joints gets destroyed, ruptured down and weathered away. Consequently, the bones simultaneously rub with each other, thus causing swelling, pain and rigidity. Each branch of science and medicine describes different forms of rheumatoid arthritis pain relief solutions.

Some of them include the following:

Herbal remedies

Some herbs have been time-tested and proven to strengthen the human body and treat this disease. The anti-arthritic formulation of arthrill oil reinforces the tissues of the bones, the neuro-muscular system and the skeletal, thus giving a comfortable movement to muscles and joints. Because of the stronger anti-inflammatory functions of this oil, it greatly relieves rheumatic pains, muscular spasms, aches and joint pains.

Shallaki is also effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, chronic colitis and other pain problems related to joints. Researches have proved that consistent use of Shallaki can drastically reduce pain, inflammation and morning stiffness commonly seen among people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Ashwagandha or winter cherry has also long been used for treating rheumatism, immune dysfunctions, high blood pressure, inflammation and erection problems. Ginger root is suggested to slow down the production of leukotrienes and prostaglandins that assist inflammation and pain. Amgesic is also one of the most powerful arthritis remedies helping in providing sustainable relief from rheumatoid arthritis.

Dietary factors

A vegan diet containing lots of fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, seeds, sprouts and roots is also a proven solution for rheumatoid arthritis pain relief.


Yoga is known for its psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional benefits and has been often suggested for relieving musculo-skeletal symptoms. Some postures in the yoga emphasize stretching which help in lessening pain, augmenting movement range, reducing fatigue and feeling better overall.

Heat Therapy

Sitting in a sauna and applying steam in the affected areas also helps in rheumatoid arthritis pain relief. This therapy also includes bathing in hot water with Epsom salts.


There are some oils that may be applied to the body for clearing toxins, relieving pain and restoring mobility. One of such oils is Arthrill, which not only provides relief in pain, but also makes the bones, the neuro-muscular system and the skeletal strong, providing a movement to muscles and joints.

Recent researches have proved that the patients of rheumatoid arthritis who worked out two times for 1 hour each in a week combined with strength training, cycling and sports like basketball and volleyball reported less pain within 2 years.