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17.1 million men has been diagnosed with arthritis by physicians.

Psoriatic Arthritis: Less Common Form of Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that causes pains all over the body and psoriatic arthritis is one of the less common types of arthritis. If any individual who have swelling and pain around the joints the Epson may be suffering from psoriatic arthritis which includes wrists, fingers, knees, toes, shoulder joints, elbows, the lower back joints and even the spine.

The psoriatic arthritis affects the tissues around the joints which include ligaments and tendons. In addition it causes skin inflammation as well specially on the knees, elbows and scalp. However, the psoriatic arthritis is also linked with psoriasis, which is a disorder in which the skin is inflamed and also gets covered with grey silvery scales.

Psoriasis is a type of skin disease which affects only 2 percent of whole population. It can be said that it is a kind of chronic condition which have little bang for those who are to some extent affected, and a large domestic and social impact on those who are heavily affected. However, not every psoriasis sufferers need psoriatic arthritis treatment as the disease only affects only 10 to 30 percent people as a whole.

Psoriatic arthritis gets cure from drugs that are available in various categories which includes nonsteroidal drugs that cure inflammation, which is also known as NSAIDs. Furthermore, there are several anti-rheumatic drugs that alter the disease, which is commonly called as DMARDs, and also there is the biologics which is made from human and animal proteins. In addition, there are varieties of natural and alternative treatments that have shown results in people suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

The disease develops at different rates for different people. If you already have skin psoriasis, and you also have joint pain, especially if the two coincide on the same joint, then you should inform your physician as soon as possible, for you may have developed psoriatic arthritis and require treatment.

The treatment for psoriatic arthritis aims at lessening the joint pains and the associated inflammation and swelling of the skin. However, it also intends to preserve the natural movements and fluid in the joints which will further assist to cure and prevent any additional damages. Nevertheless, it is always recommendable to consult your physician before going for the psoriatic arthritis treatment as your doctor will recommend medical prescription depending on the severity of the disease, your reaction to the psoriatic treatment and also the kind of psoriatic arthritis you are suffering from.

Treatment for this condition is aimed at reducing the pain and the associated swelling. It also aims to maintain fluid and natural movement in the joints, which in turn helps to prevent any further damage. The treatment recommended by your doctor will depend on the severity of the condition, your reaction to the treatment, and the type of psoriatic arthritis that you have.