Did You Know?

Over 39 million physician visits are related to arthritis, and over half million hospital visits.

Arthritis Treatment

The word 'arthritis' came from Greek consisting of two terms 'athron' which means joint and 'itis' which means inflammation. In simple terms it can be said that arthritis is a disease that gives birth to pains and failure in joint movement, it effects the movements which you rely upon for errands activities. Nevertheless, arthritis is generally chronic and can stay for long or for lifetime. Apart, arthritis consists of more than 100 dissimilar kinds of conditions that affect various parts of the body.

Despite the varieties of arthritis, the aim of arthritis treatment is similar, which includes:

With the similar aim, they are attained using diverse approaches according the diagnosis. However, effective treatment includes a blend of medicines, alteration in diet, exercise, joint protection and some other alternative treatments. Though the most conventional arthritis treatments are:

Arthritis treatment with massage

Massage is one of the best ways to treat arthritis pain, this treatment decreases all the stress hormones and assist in depression. The main benefits of this arthritis treatment are that it provides relief from muscle pains, spasms in the joint tissues and the joints. Furthermore, massage therapy, is the arthritis treatment that discharges endorphins which are natural painkillers, which improves sleep and assist the functions of the immune system.

Arthritis treatment with acupressure and acupuncture

Acupressure and acupuncture are the most ancient treatments to cure pain. With time they gained popularity as the complementary therapy to treat arthritis, in acupuncture therapy long needles are inserted on particular spots all over the body which stimulates the endorphins where as in acupressure the practitioner uses their fingers instead of needles, however this therapy too stimulates endorphins that gives a relief from the pain.

Supplements and herbs for arthritis treatment

Supplements and herbs are the natural therapy that large numbers of people are turning to as a complementary cure to arthritis treatment. This arthritis treatment controls the pain and various other symptoms of arthritis. However, this therapy is done by grouping with other medications which are prescribed by the doctor. It is recommendable to ask your doctor before going for this supplement and herbs arthritis treatment.

However if you suffer from any condition of arthritis, the treatment will be done depending on your body, your genetic disposition, your gender and always make sure the treatment you receive may damage you internal organs of the body, so always be careful.